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Hi, I'm Will Sinclair Marshall and this is my bare bones personal website.

Here, you can find out about all the projects I'm currently working on, what I'm reading/watching/listening to, and some longer blog posts (at some point).

About Me

Will paragliding

I am a lapsed engineer, having graduated with an MEng in General Engineering from Durham University (UK) in 2017. Following that I spent a year working for a pricipal contractor on major infrastructure projects.

These days I work with my family as a project manager for Bath House, alongside a bunch of very exciting projects (of which more below).

I live on the edge of the Lake District and love making the most of this beautiful part of the world!


What Just Happened?!

What Just Happened is a weekly, semi-satirical blog, in which myself and my good friend Ali Simmonds-Yoo give our take on some interesting bits of the week's news. We try to keep it reasonably amusing, but more importantly, well-researched and properly referenced!

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Greener Business

I have created a free suite of documentation to assist businesses (particularly SMEs) produce Environmental Management Systems that are simple, but help to avoid 'Greenwashing'. I'm excited for a Green and Sustainable recovery in mid-2021.

Check out Greener Business for free here.

Website and possible consultancy services coming soon.

Other Stuff:

- Paragliding is my newest addiction, and it's absolutely fanstastic! Everybody should definitely give it a go. Occasional videos will go on my YouTube channel

- I'm using Chris Hemsworth's Centr app as my primary fitness and motivation source. It's more expensive than some of its competitors, but worth every penny. The library of coached workouts, yoga, meditation, and nutrition is second to none

- Getting back into meditation with Calm and Waking Up

- Learning German with Busuu, I've found this better than Duolingo as I've become more proficient

- Sourdough! So unoriginal, but it's a fun challenge.


Please get in touch if you're interested in working together or have any questions. Alternatively, send me a message on LinkedIn.