Greener Business

08 April 2021

I created a completely free Environmental Management System framework

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a brilliant way to audit your organisation in terms of sustainability, a great tool for setting goals, and a brilliant way to communicate what you're doing.


Most tools out there are targeted at larger, more complex businesses, often tailored towards achieving an ISO 14001 accreditation , which is a long way off most SMEs' aims.

You can easily get a consultant to work with you to produce your EMS, as long as you're willing to spend a few hundred/thousand pounds. I have got no issue with this (indeed if you'd like help with you EMS I quite happily accept payment for my services!), however, I think it's crucial that all businesses, no matter what size or budget can develop an EMS.

So, I built the Greener Business EMS and made it available for free.

Anybody, at any stage of business can build an EMS and improve their sustainability with this framework. There's a guide to take you through the process, with templates and samples of all the documents you need, alongside a Business Survey to spark your thoughts on how to improve.

Here's to a green recovery in 2021.


Checkout Greener Business EMS, and if you find it useful, please consider supporting here.